I hate gore.


My first blog. I guess I had to jump on the blog bandwagon sooner or later. I've completely give up on all hopes for an actual personal webpage -- too much hassle. Props to those who can actually handle the constand updating and versions they have to do. Its amazing. I figured a journal in the blogger form would be easiest. Oh yes, vital information would be handy right about now. I am Meredith. I am 13. That about covers it.

Today was evil. I had to stay at home again. Well, I didn't have to. I was home sick yesterday and of course did none of my homework due for today, so I weasled my way into getting to stay home again today. I was so incredibly bored. All I could do was sit and stare at the Laundro boards (www.laundromatic.net/Ultimate.cgi -- I think thats the address), waiting for someone to post something new. The most exciting thing to happen to me today was a short IM session with Marmalade.

I'll be back.